FIKYFASTER – Insta Pilot

But the question here is, how can I be different and distinguished, and I can preserve customers, and every day the number of customers increases more and more?

All this you will get acquainted with FIKYFASTER – Insta Pilot and its many features


🔵 FIKYFASTER – Insta Pilot:
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🎯 Manage an unlimited number of Instagram accounts from the same platform

🎯 Send an endless number of messages directly to your customers

🎯 Send an unlimited number of messages to all FOLLOWERS

🎯 Send an unlimited number of messages to all FOLLOWING

🎯 Send an infinite number of messages to any list added with Instagram User ID

🎯 Send different types of messages (text – image – video – post – like – hashtag)

🎯 Send automatic messages to any new person doing FOLLOW

🎯 Send automatic messages to anyone who does UN-FOLLOW

🎯 Send automatic messages to anyone you follow

🎯 Send automatic messages to anyone you want to cancel

🎯 Send messages periodically automatically (every day – every week – every month – a specific day in the month – etc …)

🎯 Control the timing of the start and completion of sending messages

🎯 Send messages at an interval to increase the security rate on your account

🎯 Choose the average message sending speed between 25 to 200 messages per day from each account you manage

🎯 Manage your account’s mailbox

🎯 Respond to your messages directly from the platform without the need to open your account from the mobile

🎯 Reports on (number of messages sent – number of messages waiting to be sent)

🎯 Receive alerts (new followers – unsubscribe – send messages – like a post – etc …).

🎯 Statistics on any account that is added to the platform (number of followers – number of posts – number of messages sent from this account – etc …).

🎯 Post photos directly from your computer or laptop using the platform

🎯 Publish (Store) directly from a computer or laptop using the platform

🎯 Schedule posts whether photos, stories, videos, etc. … for automatic publishing directly using the platform

🎯 And more new updates are being updated


Many of our program features and offers more

FIKYFASTER – Insta Pilot is one of the giant tools in electronic marketing FIKYFASTER System


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