FIKYFASTER – Smart Links

You want your organization’s continued presence on competitors websites and websites with millions of visitors?
Want to control visitor conversion on custom pages, by country, browser, and device that the visitor uses?
The answer to all these questions will be found in one word, and it is FIKYFASTER – Smart Links
In FIKYFASTER – Smart Links, you will find all this and more, not only, you will also be able to protect pages on your site with a password, meaning any visitor will not be able to browse the page content without the password.


Come to know the capabilities of FIKYFASTER – Smart Links and the tools available in it:

🔵 FIKYFASTER – Smart Links:
🎯 Place ads and offers on competitors websites by shortening their site links on FIKYFASTER – Smart Links

🎯 An infinite number of links

🎯 Change the names of the shortened links to the names of the links related to the content provided

🎯 Setting an expiration date for the link as it does not work after this date

🎯 Setting a password for the link where the content can only be visited by setting the password

🎯 Writing a 4-line explanation of what the link contains

🎯 Control the conversion of a visitor on custom pages by country

🎯 Control visitor conversion on custom pages, depending on the type of phone or computer

🎯 Track all visitors with Facebook Pixel to re-target them more than once

🎯 Detailed analysis of visitors to the links by (number of visits – country – phone type – browser type – visit date – visit timing)

🎯 Short links in more than one format (direct or indirect conversion)

🎯 Shorten competitors ’links while placing your ads on pages

🎯 Converting a very large number of clients through news sites, blogs, mega sites and competitors ’sites to bring in new customers

🎯 Reports of all movements and visits through the special statistics page on the platform

With FIKYFASTER you’ll find a solution to all marketing problems and difficulties with ease

FIKYFASTER – Smart Links is one of the giant tools in the FIKYFASTER System


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