A major technological breakthrough
Full control of all Facebook features
Someone heard about automatic posting, how to post, and auto response to clients, messages, and comments?
FIKYFASTER – Social will help you publish and respond to posts automatically as soon as the customer writes any inquiries he wants and the possibility of deleting any inappropriate comments once they are written and send a warning letter to the person who wrote this comment
It is an employee you have 24 hours without any exaggeration FIKYFASTER – Social


Let’s review together what are the capabilities of the program

🔵 FIKYFASTER – Social:
🎯 Automatic posting to Facebook pages

🎯 Automatic reply to any post’s comments you choose

🎯 Automatically reply to all posts on your page

🎯 Send a private message to anyone who is commenting on your post

🎯 Withhold or delete any comment in any negative or inappropriate words as soon as it is written with sending a warning letter to the person who wrote the comment

🎯 Send an infinite number of messages, whether a message, image or video, to everyone who communicates with you on the page

🎯 Divide everyone who communicates with you on the page into groups (leads – current customers – interested, etc.) to easily send Messenger campaigns to them

🎯 Automatically respond to the comments using the customer’s name

🎯 Send messages automatically using the customer’s name and through your page’s name

🎯 Post-scheduling and extracting full reports of your activity on the social media

🎯 Automatically reply to Instagram comments

🎯 Follow the hashtags and analyze your entire Instagram account

🎯 Create a chat bot in an advanced way

🎯 Extract the data of the customer who communicates with you (phone number or email) in the event that he publishes his data to the public

🎯 Sending via the chat bot (text – pictures – videos or anything you can imagine)

🎯 Organizes the process of communicating with customers in the event that he does not want to speak with an automatic response in this case. The program understands this and sends an email to the page manager that the customer wants to communicate with you directly

🎯 Make Like and Share automatic on any post using all the pages you manage on any post

🎯 Automatic posting between the pages you manage

🎯 Organize the response in the event of sending messages campaigns to the messenger, bringing all the customers who responded in one place away from the main messenger for easy access to them

🎯 Posting to Facebook pages using CTA are not already on Facebook itself (you will be surprised)

🎯 An analysis of all the previous Messenger campaigns, chat, comments or others

🎯 More than 57 other tools that you can use with ease

FIKYFASTER – Social is one of the giant tools in the FIKYFASTER system


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